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Denny's Tips for the Week

A spring ritual for many homeowners is going outside to view the condition of the lawn, especially after the harsh winter that left a few to many thin to bare spots. The natural instinct is to head to the garden center, box store, or maybe a telephone call to that miracle grass that you saw on a TV commercial (more on buying that seed a little bit later). Today’s lesson will be on choosing the right grass seed for you.

Is All Grass Seed the Same?

No, there are several varieties to choose from. Most all grass seed sold in the Tri-State are northern varieties that will withstand very cold winter temps. The most popular varieties are Turf Fescue, Kentucky Blue Grass, Perennial Rye, Fine Textured Fescue, and course Textured Fescue. Here are some differences.

Turf Fescue is one of the strongest varieties to choose. It’s the best grass for sun or shade, very drought tolerant due to its deep root growth and insect resistant varieties such as Finelawn Elite and Executurf Tuff Turf, a blend of 3 varieties of turf fescue will give you a great looking lawn. You just mow when it grows.

Course Fescue – broad blades and very tuff. It’s the grass you see in the medians of the interstate. All the benefits of turf fescue.

Kentucky Blue Grass – this is the grass that people in the Tri-State have spent mega bucks trying to grow but it doesn’t like our summer heat and summer shade. But the insects and turf disease love it. This grass grows well in Cleveland, not here in the Tri-State including Kentucky.

Perennial Rye is what the Reds have at Great American Ball Park. The Reds spend thousands of dollars a month to keep it looking great. Save your money and plant Turf Fescue. Besides the other good benefits, it blends in well with the Heinz 57 you currently have.

Fine Textured Fescues – same as Blue Grass. Plant Turf Fescue.

How many square feet should I expect out of my new seed?

The seed of these varieties varies. Blue Grass is a small seed (one million seeds per pound) and will reseed 1000 sq. ft. per pound.

Turf Fescues and Perennial Ryes are much larger seeds (200,000 per pound) and reseed 200 sq. ft. per pound, with the Turf Fescue averaging $2.50 to $3 per pound. The cost per pound for the other various varieties range from $1.49 to $14.95 per pound.

How do I know if I’m buying good seed?

All grass seed has to be state tested by the State Agricultural Agency. They attach a seed test label on each large lot of seed. That label (somewhere on the package) states the purity, weed seed content, inert matter and percentage of germination. If the seed you’re looking at has no seed label, walk away. There is also a test date and that seed is good for 2 ½ years after the date.

Now to the TV Grass Seed – this seed is marketed all over the country. One seed mix does not seed America. I’m not aware of any grass variety that doesn’t need water, grows on any soil, and needs very little mowing. These offers are also very expensive for the coverage. As the saying goes “Buyer Beware”.

Spring Programs at Glenwood Gardens
10397 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45215 ~ 513-771-8733
Wednesday 4/30/14 7pm ~ Garden in a Container for adults
Explore the magical realm and lore of the wee folk in this hands-on workshop. Participants will learn the plants suited to this growing garden hobby and create a miniature container-held fairy would to take home. Container, soil, basic plants and fairy furnishing will be supplied with some additional items available for purchase. Register by calling (513) 771-8733 ~ (Adults, $30/person)

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