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Value of Time for Plants is Priceless

by James "Woody" Wood (Vice President/Landscape Manager)

Nothing frustrates a homeowner more than failed results with the landscape. Time is money and the value of time for the growth of our landscape is priceless. We often take for granted the value of our landscape until we lose plants that may alter our view, privacy or curb appeal.

The recent droughts may have an impact on our landscape forcing our hand in dealing with some landscape projects sooner than we wanted too. As you drive around and as you watch your own landscape this spring, you may notice trees with dead tops, evergreens that have turned brown or plants whose leaves shrivel up early. These are all possible signs and effects of the drought. There are long term and short term effects of drought and this is where a landscape design consultant can be helpful. It’s important to evaluate and determine if the plants will recover or if it’s better to replace them now.

As stated above, the value of time for your plants to grow is priceless. The recovery of your landscape depends greatly on its existing health prior to the drought and the post drought growing conditions. Whether you’ll need to work out a plant replacement program or a total renovation plan, now is a great time to start the evaluation process.

The most imperative part of successful landscape results is the proper design and implementation of your landscape project. At Denny McKeown Landscape we consider our design philosophy to be one of landscape preservation versus the clean slate method. Our complete evaluation and design process allows us to determine what plants can be saved in order to achieve a desirable landscape. We want to work with the existing plants as much as possible. This method allows us to integrate the old with the new keeping the budget in check and the balance of nature in order. Make it part of your 2011 resolution to take the time now to evaluate your landscape. After all you deserve to come home to a place you enjoy.

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One customer said in regards to our landscape services
"It's Like Having your own Personal Gardener"

Successful Landscapes
  • Start with a complete on-site consultation
  • Practical and economical design solutions for any budget.
  • Designed to fit your landscape
  • Professionally customized maintenance programs available
  • 2 year extended plant warranty
For a Landscape Consultation
Call 513-984-8733
You will develop a personal relationship with our designers who passionately believe in what they do. Our designers will see your project through from conception to completion and into the future as the landscape matures. Whether it’s a project that is small, done in phases, a combination of professional and Do-it-Yourself work or a large project, we can help with all of your landscape needs.

(March - April) To Do List

  • Landscape Beds: Apply pre-emergent weed preventer Dimension to landscape beds - prevents weed seeds from germinating up to 120 days.

  • Lawns: Start the Three Step Fertilizer Program by applying Fertilome’s All Season Lawn Food with Prodiamine to your lawn to prevent weed seeds from germinating up to 8 months. Get lawn mower serviced & be sure & have the blade sharpened.

  • Roses: Cut Knock Out and all other roses except climbers down to 8-10" above the ground. Only cut dead or damaged canes from climbing roses. Apply Fertilome Tree and Shrub Systemic Soil Drench to prevent holes in the leaves caused by insects like rose slugs and rose midges

  • Flowers:Plant Pansies or Violas which can handle the chill.

  • Bulbs: Cut off faded tulip and daffodil flowers as soon as they finish blooming and their petals drop. Cut back the stems to where the leaves begin, leaving as much foliage as possible.

  • Perennials & Ornamental Grasses: March is garden clean up month. Cut back dried stems of grasses and other plants. . In April you can divide overgrown clumps of these plants.

  • Shrubs and Trees: You can start planting as long as the ground isn't frozen or too wet. Shop early to get the best selection of newer plants with limited availability.